A typical Eert, seen growing on some Aeiou John Madden.

Eerts are plant-like organisms that live in areas with high levels of spam.

Eert BiologyEdit

Eerts greatly resemble the common oak tree in many ways, with the notable exception that they have leaves where the trunk would be, and a trunk where the leaves would be.

Eerts can only grow on surfaces with a high contentration of Aeiou, such as John Madden or JoJ. Because of this, Eerts are a sign of healthy amounts of spam in an area, and are considered to be sacred in most cases.

When Eerts are felled, the Doow of the Eert (The leafy trunk) yields large amounts of John Madden, and the Sevaels (The wooden top) yield Eert Gnilpases, which can be used to plant more Eerts.

Cutting down Eerts is only acceptable if you plan on growing more, and using the John Maddens that they yield to create Aeiou John Madden.

Certain varieties of Eert on the Aeiou Classic server are capable of growing on Trid, also known as Egnops, which have a slightly lower aeiou concentration. It is assumed they network with distant eerts to remotely transmit the required aeiou to survive in return for exotic minerals found on classic islands, judging by the usual presence of a Eert Gnikorwten, also known as the networking eert.

Smaller varieties of Eert are known as Hsubs, for their bush-like nature. They mostly share eert biology, but are very small, usually with about one cubic meter of Doow and one to eight cubic meters of Seavaels. Some Hsubs are capable of living on floating Egnops.

Extremely tall Eerts are Sky Eerts, for their extremley tall nature. They also have some glass-like arms at the tip, And those "arms" are not called anything, but they are usually called glass. The glass "arms" were recently used to hold a lava bomb. Most Sky Eerts are Eert Gnikorwten, and carry lava bombs to network.

Eert HistoryEdit

Eerts were first discovered on the Minecraft server, back in the Tekkit 3 days. A lone Classic Eert was sighted outside Infect's house growing on some Aeiou John Madden. Since then, Eerts have been planted, and appear in areas with good amounts of spam.

Eerts are one of the main additions of the Aeiou Minecraft Mod.

Some eerts are known as Classic Eerts and Hsubs.