Also known as Poorly Drawn Front Desk Lady and Erica, this is both a character and an art style which Robert Joe created. The character is, as the title says, a poorly drawn front desk lady who worked for 000webhost at one point, has a 99% approval rating on eBay, and acquired a shellcorean blaster.

She first appeared when Infect invaded Earth to go to 000webhost to shut down the original Shellcore Command Forums in an attempt to stop the Uninfected, which he succeeded in despite Erica's initial resistance by giving her a can of Mom's Old-Fashioned Minidrone Treats, which she later attempted to sell on eBay for their approximate value of $300. When Infect returned demanding the treats back, she inexplicably had acquired an Uninfected-style shellcorean blaster and threatened him, causing him to retreat.

The art style she is drawn in is by Robert Joe.